About Us

North American Drone is committed to making drones and drone services available for people of all walks of life ranging from recreational to commercial users.  Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, with sales offices across North America, North American Drone provides users to get the support needed when operating what can be complicated and sophisticated technology. North American Drone is offering a collection of distinct drones for sale, for lease, and for rental.

Recent advances in technology and simultaneous drop in production costs has changed the outlook for drones and the services they can provide. Drones have newfound applications in areas as diverse as agriculture and photography and much in between.  In short, drones are well positioned to more efficiently accomplish numerous tasks that are either personnel, infrastructure or time intensive. As a small company in an industry dominated by publicly traded giants, North American Drone is well positioned to manoeuver through this rapidly evolving market to provide its users with the products and services they desire.