Open Up A World of Possibilities

The “I-Sky” makes the sky a world of possibilities.  The I-Sky bigger frame (80 cm diagonally) and higher carrying capacity (up to 5 kg payload) enables the I-Sky to perform a multitude of tasks.  For example, the I-Sky is ideal to operate heavier and higher resolution cameras and/or sensors suited to perform more sophisticated jobs.  Made of a light and highly durable carbon fiber material, the I-Sky is an octocopter (8 propeller) drone. As a heavy duty drone, the I-Sky is able to fly in a much more challenging terrain and weather.  In spite of its heavier nature, the I-Sky is as easy to operate as its smaller counterparts, allowing one pilot to fly the drone whereas most of its industry grade competitors which require two pilots to effectively operate (one pilot to fly, one to operate the camera).


  • Size: 80x40x42cm
  • Weight: 6.118Kg
  • Carrying Capacity: 5Kg
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Flight Time: 30 minutes, 15-30 minutes with loading
  • Wind Resistance: <13.8 m/s