The Future


Drones have long been considered an object of the future, except the future is now...  Whether it is military or civilian use the drone market is growing at an exponential rate. Through services as videography, surveillance, or even package delivery the drone market will have a major impact on companies bottom lines or daily operations.  A clear example of this is parcel delivery The United States Postal Service delivered 3.5 billion packages in 2012, netting $11.6 billion. In the same year, UPS delivered 4,107,000 packages, just think of the possible savings not having drivers, cars, or planes. At North American Drone we not only focus on the effects the drones can have on industry but we focus on making drones for everyone.

Everyone’s Drone


North American Drones has taken an active approach to making our drones for everyone.  Gone are the days of the trained drone pilot with an RC controller, instead NA Drones has implemented interfaces that are so simple even a child can fly its Kasper. The drone market today focuses on the hobbyist and pilot enthusiast, we at North American Drone focus on everyone’s needs.



- Uses GPS and and google maps “point and go” so easy a child can fly (Kasper)

- Download the app and see what your mini drone sees (X-Factor)

- Carry 12lbs with our carbon fibre model (I-Sky)



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